Forensic Psychology Can Identify Pretoria Serial Killer

02 August July 2013    



The IFP urges the South African Police Service to work tirelessly in identifying and putting behind bars the serial killer that is still roaming the streets of Pretoria, before more children become victims. IFP Spokesperson on Police, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu MP said, “It is alarming to discover that at least 10 teenage girls around Pretoria may have been killed by one person whom the SAPS have not managed to put behind bars. We urge the SAPS to do everything in their power to find this killer, who is operating right under their noses.”


Ndlovu added, “We urge police management to begin properly using forensic psychology, as it is a very useful and important resource, particularly in solving serial crimes. The SAPS needs to stop hiring personnel and not utilising them. It is a waste of the State’s money and creates a setback in solving crimes that could be solved.”


The IFP calls on the SAPS to utilise forensic psychology to assist its investigation to identify the Pretoria serial killer.


Issued by:

IFP Spokesperson on Police, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu, 083 625 0803


Or contact:

IFP Parliamentary Media Liaison Officer, Ms Boniswa Tiwe, 072 497 1252