IFP Inner City Constituency Concerned by Johannesburg
Municipality’s Forced Eviction of Jeppe Town Residents

04 July 2013    


The IFP’s Inner City Constituency Office in Johannesburg was shocked over the forceful eviction of people in Jeppe Town flats by Johannesburg Municipality.


IFP Inner City Constituency Publicity Secretary, Mr Lalelani Khumalo said, “We are extremely concerned at the steps taken by Johannesburg Municipality to forcefully evict residents of flats in Jeppe Town. People are literally being thrown out onto the streets with no alternative place to stay even though a court order has stated that the municipality must find alternative places of residence for these people before evicting them. The municipality has even cut the water and electricity to these flats.


Instead of repairing the buildings the people are being evicted to the streets. The “Red Ants” who are contracted to move people’s belongings from the flats always end up damaging same. Most of the time this removal takes place when residents are at work and when they return home they find their belongings thrown out and damaged on the streets.”


Khumalo continued, “In 2009 the Johannesburg municipality evicted people from the residential flats and thereafter let the buildings lie derelict. These buildings are now places for criminals to operate from. They terrorise residents with many people having been assaulted and even murdered.”


“Another concern that we have as IFP Inner City Constituency is that the Johannesburg municipality has neglected people of George Goch and Mangolongolo informal settlement. Shacks get burnt down every year in those informal settlements but the municipality does nothing for these people. The municipality officials visit briefly when the shacks are burnt down and then never come again or do anything to assist these people. The Municipal officials have promised people that by 2014 there will be development in their areas but it seems like 2014 will come and go with no development at all,” said Khumalo.


The IFP Inner city constituency urges the Johannesburg Municipality to find people of Jeppe Town an alternative place to stay or to repair their buildings. The municipality must stick to its promises. 


Issued by:

IFP Inner City Constituency Publicity Secretary, Mr. Lalelani Khumalo, 076 450 1365