Students at UNISA Involved in the Peddling of Exam Papers
Must be Held Accountable

05 June 2013      


The IFP calls on the police to ensure that the students involved in selling examination papers at UNISA, Durban, are arrested.


IFP Spokesperson on Education, Mr Alfred Mpontshane, MP, said, "Students involved in this kind of corruption must be arrested and interrogated as to whom they are working with at UNISA. Other students insisted that the students involved in selling examination papers are in partnership with University officials. This must be investigated urgently."


The UNISA management have instituted their own internal investigation regarding 'leaked' examination papers, but nobody has yet been arrested.


"UNISA must get its house in order as these disturbing claims are tarnishing its good name as a quality tertiary institution. In addition, the Minister of Higher Education and SAQA must also urgently investigate these claims and those officials involved must be arrested and suspended," concluded Mpontshane.


The IFP believes that as a country we cannot produce qualified professionals if government is failing to eradicate the on-going dissemination and criminal activity of leaked examination papers.



IFP Spokesperson on Education
Mr Alfred Mpontshane,MP, 083 441 6201 


IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer
Mr PhendulaniBiyase, 073 024 5675