Department of Arts and Culture Failing to Empower
Up-and-coming Artists

07 August 2013    



The IFP has lashed out at the Department of Arts and Culture for its failure to empower young, unknown artists, while favouring the more established artists at its events.


IFP Spokesperson on Arts and Culture, Mrs Hilda Msweli (MP) said, “The Department of Arts and Culture did not give satisfactory answers during the Parliamentary Committee yesterday, as it failed to back up claims that it is not empowering young artists. At most events, the famous artists hired cost more than R30 000, while they only sing two songs with backing CD tracks, instead of putting on a proper performance.”


Rural artists are not getting opportunities to perform at any government event.


“The Department must ensure that at any departmental sponsored event both famous and young up-and-coming artists share the stage and should get paid equally. There are many talented artists in our rural areas that need exposure.


We are aware that some artists are getting preferential treatment because they are politically affiliated, which is totally unacceptable” said Msweli.


The IFP calls on the Department to ensure that at both national and provincial events, unknown artists are given a chance to perform. The Department must also investigate why the same artists are being booked for all events as well as deal with any corruption linked with the hiring of artists.



Issued by:

IFP Spokesperson on Arts and Culture, Mrs Hilda Msweli MP, 072 513 1833


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IFP Parliamentary Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 24 5675