IFP Congratulates New KZN MEC for Education

07 October 2013    


"The IFP in KwaZulu-Natal  have congratulated Hon. N.P. Nkonyeni in her new position as the MEC for Education. When we look back at what happened in education, a lot is to be desired" said Hon. M.B. Khawula, Shadow MEC for Education. "The present premier Hon. E.S.  Mchunu, as the MEC for Education from 2009, has left a very questionable legacy in education.


Since 2004 when the ANC took control of KwaZulu-Natal, matric results in the province went down and the level of education in the province also derailed" said Khawula.


Khawula went on to explain that MEC E. S. Mchunu presided over a department that was fraught with corruption, where there was favouritism in appointments, with a high incidence of poor management at all levels, where power was centralised to the detriment of efficiency.  Khawula said that as we speak, all construction work in all schools in the province has come to a standstill because contractors have not been paid.


"We concede that the Mchunu era matric results have been better than the Ina Cronje era matric results.  But all these matric results have never reached the mark that was left by the IFP in education in KwaZulu-Natal" said Khawula.  "Hon. N.P. Nkonyeni comes with her own baggage. As MEC for Health four years ago, she presided over a department that was fraught with corruption and poor management. We hope that when she assumes office as MEC for Education, she will close that bad chapter of poor management and start on a new slate" said Khawula.  


He concluded that, "education needs strong and focused leadership, in order to improve the image of education in the province and improve management, curb corruption, improve matric results and reinstate professionalism".


The IFP cannot prejudge Nkonyeni in this new position but wishes to state that time will tell if she was the ideal choice for this very important portfolio.


Issued by Mntomuhle Khawula

Spokesperson for Education