IFPYB - The Cabinet Reshuffle Was A Half Done Exercise

09 July 2013    


The IFP Youth Brigade has received, with mixed feelings, the cabinet reshuffle announced by President Zuma today.


Whilst ministerial appointments are a Presidential prerogative, the IFP Youth Brigade believes that President Zuma did not go the whole nine yards in addressing the multiple problems confronting the majority of South Africans, who are struggling daily to make ends meet and sustain their livelihoods.


The axing of Ms Dina Pule is welcomed, but the retention of Minister Angie Motshekga is at best regrettable and purely unfortunate. Many more who should have been axed have survived which makes the reshuffle half-hearted. President Zuma has missed an opportunity to be genuinely decisive.


The cabinet reshuffle is, of course, a direct admission by President Zuma that his government has been largely ineffective, inefficient and grossly incompetent. It confirms that concerns about the slow pace of service delivery were not misplaced, nor were they mere ravings and rantings about sweet nothing. The concerns were totally justified.


It now rests on the electorate to perform a progressive reshuffle next year during the elections, and rid our country of this incompetent and fast failing government in its entirety.


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IFPYB National Chairperson 

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