IFPYB - SADTU is Collapsing South Africa's Education

11 April 2013    


"The on-going power tussle between SADTU and Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is paralysing the plight and progress of education in South Africa," said IFP Youth Brigade Chairman, Mr Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP .


Hlengwa further added, "The continued politicisation of unions was of serious detriment to the maintenance of healthy democratic checks and balances. SADTU in particular is flexing its muscles at Minister Motshekga because they are riding high the on the crest of political clout. SADTU is single-handedly collapsing an already struggling education system."


Whatever beef, gripe and issue SADTU might have with the minister does not in any way warrant the on-going situation of a go-slow. "Quite frankly this thing of go-slows is highly unprofessional and typical of people who do not care about the future of our country. SADTU should not throw the baby out with the bath water simply because it has a beef with Minister Motshekga; learners should not suffer because of a political squabble arising out of tensions in the tripartite alliance. Out of respect one will not say their behaviour is childish but rather it is childlike," said Hlengwa.


The IFP has always believed in the culture of teaching and learning and authority in schools needs to be promoted. Discipline and orderly classrooms need to be maintained both in teachers and learners.


He continued to, "We call upon all teachers in general and SADTU members in particular to put the collective interests of learners who bear most of the brutal brunt of any interruption to the due process of teaching and learning."


If Minister Motshekga is to be fired it should not be because of SADTU's rash political temper-tantrum but on the basis of her outright failure to address the following issues as reflected in these figures released last year:


446 schools need buildings to replace mud constructions or wood prefabricated and metal structures,


514 schools are without sanitation and need basic toilets,


714 schools have no electricity,


1069 schools are without access to water,


4050 schools have no sports facilities,


13617 schools are without computer centres,


14989 schools have no libraries,


15368 schools require multipurpose rooms,


15435 schools do not have nutrition centres,


16516 schools operate without administration blocks and,


18258 schools do not have laboratories.


"Urgent practical interventionist steps must be taken by government, parliament, the private sector and citizens in order to arrest this fall in standards and repair our education system," concluded Hlengwa.



Issued by:

Mr Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP

IFPYB National Chairperson

083 871 2711