Police Need to Revive Their Image

12 March 2013           

IFP spokesperson on Police, Velaphi Ndlovu MP said, "The sight of a man being manhandled by police, handcuffed to the back of their van and the van driving away while he is dragged behind it will be hard for the nation to forget. With many communities already taking the law into their own hands, how can they be expected to trust the police, when they also act no better than criminals?" 

Ndlovu believes that the image of the SAPS is in tatters, with communities across the country having very little faith that the police can do their jobs. 

"Traffic officers demand and take bribes, rape victims are victimised even in police stations and known criminals terrorise communities, which has caused people to not see the police as being on their side. Widespread vigilantism in communities has resulted, where there is a perceived lack of police commitment to reduce criminal activities," said Ndlovu. 

"How can citizens be expected to follow the law, when they are constantly let down by those who are supposed to protect them?" asked Ndlovu. 

Effective and practical steps need to be taken to ensure that the image of the police not only improves amongst the citizenry, but also that criminal activities are dealt with while the communities work alongside the police to make their lives better. 

IFP Spokesperson on Police, VB Ndlovu MP; 083 625 0803 
IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Mr PhendulaniBiyase, on 073 024 5675