IFPYB Continues to Urge South African Youth to
Register & Vote

13 November 2013    


The IFP Youth Brigade (IFPYB) wishes to thank all South Africans, particularly the youth, who came out in their numbers over the past weekend to register to vote in the 2014 National and Provincial Elections.


IFPYB Chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa, said; “Whilst we are encouraged by the reported number of people who either went to check their registration status or to register for the first time, we remain concerned about the 18 to 19 year old age group which seems to be dragging their feet in registering to vote. We would truly like to urge young people to be part of the country’s democratic processes by registering to vote.”


Hlengwa was speaking during a two day working visit to Bergville and Ladysmith in the uThukela District, where he has been conducting door-to-door and meet and greet campaigns in order to encourage youth to register to vote.


“The message of encouraging young people to register to vote needs to be communicated daily as we cannot afford to have a generation of young South Africans who are apathetic about becoming part of the democratic process,” he added.


“Whilst the frustration of the youth, due to high unemployment, inequality, poverty and a generally collapsing state and a failing government is understandable, we must not allow complacency to find expression in our lives. We should rather use the democratic process to bring the much needed change. Use your vote as your voice,” Hlengwa encouraged.


“The 2014 general elections are a make or break factor for South Africa’s future. Besides the 1994 elections, never have elections been as important as the 2014 elections. I plead with the youth of our country not to take these elections lightly. We are challenged by the past and are compelled by our future to change the status quo of joblessness, hopelessness, corruption and shoddy governance. The first step is to register to vote,” he concluded.



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