Government Fails Limpopo Schools Again!

14 February 2013          


The IFP calls for an urgent investigation into the claims of yet another failure of the Education Department in Limpopo where certain schools have not yet received textbooks.


IFP Spokesperson on Education, Mr Alfred Mpontshane, MP said, "The investigation should be extended to other provinces in order to see how many provinces have similar delivery problems. The claims of non-delivery of books raises more questions than answers because of the Departmental double speak involved with same. The Department has once again misled the public as to the true state of affairs regarding text book delivery."


"Another serious concern is that, besides the Limpopo text book debacle, there are many reports that other schools do not yet have the teachers they require for the teaching of certain subjects. This must be investigated as a matter of urgency and rectified immediately. The supply of the requisite number of quality teachers remains a great concern to the IFP as this impacts the overall standard of education our learners receive," said Mpontshane.


President Zuma who had previously undertaken to oversee textbook delivery in Limpopo Province must ensure that his Minister attends to the timeous delivery of textbooks to all schools in the province. The IFP would like to encourage all school principals to come out and report if their schools have not yet received books without fear of being victimised.



FP Spokesperson on Education, Mr Alfred Mpontshane MP, 083 441 6201


IFP Parliamentary Caucus Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073024 5675