IFPYB to March Against Failure of UMlalazi Municipality

14 November 2013    


The IFP Youth Brigade has called upon the youth and people of UMlalazi/eShowe to come out in their numbers tomorrow, 15th November 2013, for the IFPYB organised march against the municipality’s failure to deliver.


IFPYB National Organiser, Bhekani Gasa, said that; “Since 2011 the 19 hung municipalities governed through the ANC/NFP coalition have failed to develop and improve the lives of the people. The solid foundation of the IFP’s people-centred development has been replaced by absolute corruption and sheer incompetence. This march aims to highlight this sad reality and give an ultimatum that the 2013 youth generation will not tolerate poor governance and corruption.” 


Gasa said; "We call upon all young people to come out in their numbers in support of this march." 


The march will begin at Siza Garage and end at the UMlalazi Municipality Office.

It is scheduled to begin at 10h00 sharp. 


IFPYB National Chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP, will hand over a list of grievances, which include;


1. Report from Auditor General 

2. Nepotism 

3. Unfinished projects within wards 

4. No service delivery in IFP wards 

5. Projects not allocated to IFP wards 

6. Unauthorised fruitless expenditure 


All media are invited to attend.



For further information, please contact: 


Bhekani Gasa 

IFPYB National Organiser 




Mr. Alco Ngobese 

IFP National Organizer 

076 834 4066   /    074 892 6353