ANC Government Acts Like Apartheid Regime

23 January 2013       


The IFP has accused the ANC government of behaving like the apartheid regime, which deliberately ignored the plight of the oppressed until the country was in flames. This the IFP said in today's statement in which it was reacting to the statement by Minister Richard Baloyi of Cooperative Governance, who was reported to have ordered a stop to the Sasolburg merger controversy that has led disturbances and loss of life. IFP Deputy National Spokesperson Joshua Mazibuko said: "It is very unfortunate that the ANC government has mastered the behaviour patterns of the apartheid government in that they only react to people's grievances when there is pressure emanating from violence and chaos.


"A responsible government would not have waited until there was loss of life and people's hard-earned  properties before taking a decision. If they were not sure of the popularity of their decision, they should not have actioned it in the first place.


"While the IFP strongly condemns any form of violent and anarchic protest, we believe this government must share the larger blame. Their behaviour is typical of a government that is so divorced from the people that it fails to read their mood before it is woken up by their public militant action."


For Further Information:

M. Joshua Mazibuko

IFP Deputy National Spokesperson: 0839926135