Limpopo in Dire Need of Competent Leadership

29 August 2013    



The IFP pleads to the Limpopo Premier to appoint competent individuals as provincial heads of departments.


IFP Secretary General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo, (MP) said, “Those candidates who are about to be employed as department heads must have proven track records of requisite performance and in no way have been involved in any corrupt activities. The premier must appoint an independent body to be in charge of short listing, interviewing and making recommendations as to which candidates are suitable, so as to avoid the appointment of any politically favoured, yet incompetent individuals.”


Corruption has ensured that service delivery is obsolete in Limpopo with the rot reaching all the way to the top of provincial government.


Nkomo further stated that “Any individuals linked to corruption must not be considered for any government position. Government must also adopt a more serious attitude to those found guilty of corruption as mere slaps on the wrist do not deter crime. It’s high time that government becomes accountable to the people of this country. ”


Issued by: IFP Secretary General Ms Sibongile Nkomo MP, 076 553 1240