Historical Documents of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi

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 1985-12-19  - ULUNDI: Dept of the Chief Minister & Police - End of the Year Function and Farewell to Mr. W. Masuku
 1985-12-18  - ULUNDI: Dept. of Economic Affairs End of the Year Function
 1985-12-14  - RICHARDS BAY: The Hon Dr.G.van N.Viljoen,  & Hon. Mr.C.Heunis
 1985-12-09  - AMATIGULU: Amatigulu Summer Camp
 1985-12-00  - ULUNDI: Official Opening of Khulani-Brown Wholesale(PTY) LTD,Warehouse
 1985-11-30  - ULUNDI: Presidential Greetings -  Inkatha Yenkululeko Ye Sizwe - Kgare ya Tokoloho ya Setjaba
 1985-11-29  - ULUNDI: Meeting with a Delegation from UCASA
 1985-11-29  - ULUNDI: Emandleni-Matleng - PASSING OUT PARADE
 1985-11-28  - ULUNDI: Dinner with Personnel from Associated Press
 1985-11-28  - ULUNDI: A Meeting with U.S. LEGISLATORS
 1985-11-27  - ULUNDI: Meeting with Mr.Patrick Gillam,MD of B.P.,LONDON and Mr. Ian Sims, Chairman of B.P. S.A.
 1985-11-27  - ULUNDI: Meeting with Representatives from the South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors
 1985-11-25  - ULUNDI: Meeting with Hon Mr CJ Heunis, and Mr. Frank Martin,Senior NEC, NPA
 1985-11-23  - ULUNDI: A Few Words on the Occasion of the Scattering of the Ashes of Dr Peter Becker
 1985-11-22  - ULUNDI: Meeting with Mr D Masson President of the Afrikaaanse Handelsintituut
 1985-11-21  - ULUNDI: Meeting with a Group of Lobbyists from the United States of America
 1985-11-20  - ULUNDI: Meeting with the NATALIA DEVELOPMENT BOARD
 1985-11-19  - ULUNDI: Meeting with the British Ambassador, H.E Mr. P.H. Morberly
 1985-11-18  - ULUNDI: Meeting with Executives from Richards Bay Minerals, Quebec Iron & Titanium & Standard Oil Co
 1985-11-18  - ULUNDI: Meeting with the Belgian Ambassador to South Africa, H.E. Mr. G.R.P. Jacques
 1985-11-18  - ULUNDI: Meeting with Mr W.H. Hamilton and Mr Bob Tucker of the S A Permanent Building Society
 1985-11-15  - DURBAN: THE INDIAN ACADEMY OF SA - THE NADARAJA AWARD - read by Dr.Oscar Dlomo
 1985-11-13  - NEW JERSEY: The ex-Militia Men Dinner - Theme: "The Political Situation in South Africa"
 1985-11-12  - NEW YORK: EAST/WEST ROUND TABLE "Revolution or Reform - What the West can do"
 1985-11-11  - TORONTO: YOUNG PRESIDENTS' ORGANIZATION "My view of Apartheid & the Effects of Disinvestment
 1985-11-08  - NEW ORLEANS: National Committee for Monetary Reform - "THE SA CRISIS" an Insider's View
 1985-11       - FLORIDA: Dinner with the Governor of the State of Florida,hosted by Mr. Leslie Peters
 1985-11-06  - FLORIDA: University of Tampa
 1985-11-04  - NEW YORK: Luncheon hosted by Mr L Mone,Editor,The Manhattan Report
 1985-11-01  - KLOOF: St.Mary's Dioceasan School for Girls - Annual Prize-Giving Day
 1985-11-07  - SWITZERLAND: Memorandum used in Switzerland as a basis for Discussion
 1985-10-12  - GENEVA: Meeting with Executives of the International Committee of the Red Cross(Operational)
 1985-10-11  - BERNE: Luncheon with Mr.Edouard Brunner,State Secretary for Foreign Affairs,SWITZERLAND
 1985-10-09  - LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND: Meeting with the International Committee of the Red Cross
 1985-10-09  - LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND: Meeting with a group of Civil Servants and Academic Practitioners
 1985-10-09  - LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND: Management Development Institute for Young Business the World Over
 1985-10-08  - GENEVA: Meeting with Dr. Niall MacDermot, Secretary-General of the International Commission of Jurists
 1985-10-07  - GENEVA: Meeting with Mr. Volin, Deputy Director General of the International Labour Office
 1985-10       - SWITZERLAND: Briefing on the Current South African Situation
 1985-10-02  - DURBAN: Aide Memoire for Discussion with Sir Kenneth Durham, Chairman, UNILEVER U.K
 1985-10-01  - DURBAN: International Institute of Personnel Management Convention
 1985-09-30  - DURBAN: Memorandum for Presentation at a Meeting at Bishop's House
 1985-09-28  - ULUNDI: Press Statement
 1985-09-27  - UMLAZI: King Shaka Day
 1985-09-26  - ULUNDI: Visit by Dr G Biaggini, Italian Ambassador & six Medical Specialists
 1985-09-26  - DURBAN: DURBAN EXPO 85 - Joint Kwazulu Government/Kwazulu Finance and Investment Corp
 1985-09-25  - DURBAN: Council of Natal Jewry and the Natal Zionist council
 1985-09-25  - ULUNDI: Press Statement - On Sanctions by UK Government
 1985-09-24  - ULUNDI: The Hon Mr Kent Durr, Dep Min of Finance & Industry, & Mr EJ de Beer
 1985-09-24  - STANGER: King Shaka Day - "Our Role to Ensure that UNITY is Strength"
 1985-09-25  - KWANZIMELA:Visit by Dr CFB Naude, General Secretary, The South African Council of Churches
 1985-09-23  - ULUNDI: Press Statement
 1985-09-21  - JOHANNESBURG: Launching of a National Convention Alliance
 1985-09-20  - DURBAN: The South African Black Alliance - Open Meeting
 1985-09-19  - PIETERMARITZBURG: The Organisation of Livestock Procedures Workshop
 1985-09-19  - DURBAN: University of Natal - Congress of Public Relations Officials of Southern Africa 1985
 1985-09-18  - ULUNDI: Memorandum Presentation To His Excellency, Mr H E Nickel, USA Ambassador to South Africa
 1985-09-14  - The Non-Viability of the Strategy of Violence in the Midst of Escalating Black On Black Violence
 1985-09-13  - HILTON COLLEGE: The Senior Forum of Hilton College -"THE SOUTH AFRICA I WOULD LIKE TO SEE"
 1985-09-13  - PIETERMARITZBURG: AFRICA ENTERPRISE - Conference on Reconciliation
 1985-09-12  - ULUNDI: PRESS STATEMENT - In Response to Urbanization Recommendations
 1985-09-11  - DURBAN: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Natal African Blind Society
 1985-09-11  - DURBAN: Visit by Mr. Angermueller, Vice-Chairman CITIBANK
 1985-09-10  - ULUNDI: DINNER with the Hon Mr R Cadman, and Members of the Executive Committee
 1985-09-10  - ULUNDI: Signing of an Agreement with the Development Bank of Southern Africa for a Pilot Project
 1985-09-09  - ULUNDI: Press Statement re: US Government Announcement on Sanctions and Disinvestment
 1985-09-09  - ULUNDI: Meeting with Joint Committee of Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & others
 1985-09-06  - MPUMALANGA: Opening of Mpulamanga Workshop and Training Complex
 1985-09-06  - JOHANNESBURG: Memorandum to Australian Ambassador to SA and the Right Hon Mr Malcolm Fraser
 1985-09-05  - JOHANNESBURG: South African Zionist Federation - DINNER
 1985-09-03  - ULUNDI: Press Statement - In Response to Prof. S. Bhengu's Interview
 1985-08-28  - ULUNDI: The 5th AGM of Khulani Holdings Ltd & Launch of Khulani Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd
 1985-08-28  - ULUNDI: Visit by Mr D Tappan, Managing Director, Fluor Corporation,USA /a>
 1985-08-27  - ULUNDI: Dr L Rive Kwazulu/Natal Planning Council first Report to SA & Kwazulu Gvts
 1985-08-29  - ULUNDI: Presidential Response to Address by Dr FJ van Zyl Slabbert MP
 1985-08-24  - ULUNDI: Presidential Address - 10th Annual General Conference Of The Youth Brigade
 1985-08-09  - ULUNDI: Meeting of Members of Kwazulu Legislative Assembly and Members of the Central Committee
 1985-08-09  - ULUNDI: Press Statement - Violence in Kwazulu Natal
 1985-08-09  - Memorandum Presented To The State President, The Hon P W Botha
 1985-08      - TEL AVIV: "The Real Challenges Black South Africans Face"
 1985-08      - TEL AVIV: Memorandum for Presentation to the Foreign Minister of Israel
 1985-08      - TEL AVIV: Memorandum for Presentation to the Prime Minister of Israel
 1985-08-08  - DURBAN: Aide Memoire for Discussion with Stephen Solarz of the United States of America
 1985-08-02  - LONDON: MEMORANDUM for Presentation to Sir Geofferey Howe, Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary
 1985-08      - ISRAEL: Briefings on the Current South African Situation
 1985-08      - LONDON: memorandum for Presentation to The Rt. Hon Mrs Thatcher MP, Prime Minister of Great Britain
 1985-07-30  - LONDON: Memorandum Presented to the Most Reverend & Right Honorable Robert Runcie, PC MC DD
 1985-07-25  - DURBAN: Dinner Hosted by Mr.Alan Benn, President of the Council of Natal Jewry for Mr.Gerald Kraft
 1985-07-24  - Operation Hunger's Businessmen's Action Committee "Is there Progress Towards Meaningful Change?"
 1985-07-24  - Barclays Executive Women's Club re:"The Year 2000 - Between Now and Then in South Africa"
 1985-07-23  - ULUNDI: Visit to Ulundi by - His Worship the Mayor of Durban, Mr. Neil Maclennan
 1985-07-17  - UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH: " Afrikaanse studentebond"
 1985-07-13  - Vote of Thanks on behalf of the Family of the late Princess Magogo Constance ka Dinuzulu
 1985-07-08  - ULUNDI: Mr GD Lewis Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives & Mr CW Evans
 1985-07-05  - UULUNDI: Visit from the US by Messrs Keyes Parker Kendricks Miller Watkins Drummond & Alexander
 1985-07-05  - DURBAN: The Hon Mr CJ Heunis Minister of Co-operation Development & Education
 1985-07-04  - ULUNDI: Statement re: HSRC Report
 1985-07-04  - DURBAN: A Farewell to Mr H Geisel Consul-General US and Mrs S Geisel
 1985-06-29  - ULUNDI: Annual General Conference - Presidential Address
 1985-06-27  - ULUNDI: Tribute To Bishop Alphaeus Hamilton Zulu
 1985-06-26  - ULUNDI: Interview with Mr Peter Hawthorn,TIME Bureau Chie Burea& Mr P Jordan
 1985-06-24  - ULUNDI: Response to the State President Concerning the Kwazulu Legislative Assembly
 1985-06-20  - PIETERMARITZBURG: Pietermarizburg Chamber Of Industries
 1985-06-18  - AMATIGULU: The Non-Viability of the Strategy of Violence in the Midst of Black On Black Violence
 1985-06-18  - ULUNDI: Vote of Thanks to the Hon Dr.FJ Slabbert MP Leader of the Opposition PFP
 1985-06-07  - NEW YORK: South Africa: The evolving challenge to International Companies "BLACK DEMANDS"
 1985-05-30  - ISITHEBE: Opening Address - Chemical Services Limited
 1985-05-30  - ULUNDI: Statement to the Kwzulu Legislative Assembly - re: SABC BROADCAST
 1985-05-27  - ULUNDI:Statement to the Kwazulu Legislative Assembly re: Mr. C.J. Heunis's Statement of Intent
 1985-05-22  - ULUNDI: Presentation of a Piano by BATA SHOE COMPANY to the Ulundi Choir
 1985-05-21  - ULUNDI: Statement to the Kwazulu Legislature - re: OMNIBUS BILL
 1985-05-29  - Durban: "The Role of Investment in the Hotel, Liquor and Catering Industry"
 1985-05-14  - Article on Disinvestment for "LEADERSHIP" Magazine
 1985-05-15  - Statement to the KwaZulu Legislature - re: Meeting in Cape Town with State President & Mr Pik Botha
 1985-05-13  - DURBAN: Tribute to Dr SV Nzimande, D.Litt ET Philosophy (Social Work) and Dr Philda Nzimande
 1985-05-12  - ULUNDI: Kwazulu Day of Prayer for Black South Africa
 1985-05-08  - Johannesburg: Rand Afrikaans University - "The Acceptability/Communication of Constitutional Reform in SA"
 1985-05-03  - ULUNDI: CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETING - Presidential Address
 1985-05-02  - ULUNDI: Press Statement - ILANGA SURVEY
 1985-05-02  - ULUNDI: Press Statement - Bishop Tutu's Peace Moves
 1985            - ULUNDI: 1985/86 ESTIMATES OF EXPENDITURE: Ministry of Police - Speech on the Police Vote by Min.
 1985-05       - ULUNDI: Extract on Influx Control from Speech on the Police Vote in the Kwazulu Legislative Assembly
 1985-04-25  - ULUNDI: Discussion with Mr. R. A. F. Swart, MP
 1985-04-21  - ULUNDI: Farewell Luncheon for Mr HMS Ferreira, Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry & Mrs.Ferreira
 1985-03-15  - ULUNDI: Farewell Message to Mr. & Mrs. ED Gregory on their leaving Ulundi
 1985-03-15  - Cape Town: Meeting with The Hon Messrs.C Heunis, JJG Wentzel, Drs G van N Viljoen, DJ de Villiers
 1985-03-15  - ULUNDI: Central Committee Meeting - Presidential Greetings
 1985-03-18  - ULUNDI:Press Statement - BUDGET PROPOSALS
 1985-03-18  - ULUNDI: Round Table Lunch
 1985-03-20  - EZAKHENI: Opening of the PLEXICOR Factory
 1985-03-15  - ULUNDI: Mr Sol Kerzner of Southern Sun, Mr Ruden and Dr Dantor
 1985-03-22  - DURBAN: Kwazulu Legislative Assembly - 12th PRAYER BREAKFAST
 1985-03-26  - ULUNDI: Third Session of the Fourth Kwazulu Legislative Assembly - To: Hon. Dr. van Zyl Slabbert
 1985-03-12  - ULUNDI: Fellowship Dinner, Department of Education and Culture, Kwazulu Government
 1985-03-06  - FSA (PTY) LIMITED "Presssures from within the Borders - Aspirations of Blacks"
 1985-03      - Press Release: Following Visit to the United States and Canada
 1985-02      - "A Black View of Reform and the Prospects of Change in South Africa"
 1985-02      - Towards Reconciliation with the ANC's Mission-in-Exile
 1985-01      - On the Issue of disinvestment in South Africa
 1985-02-24  - Canadian Institute of International Affairs
 1985-02      - Address to the United States Chamber of Commerce
 1985-04-24  - Some Thoughts On SA's Political Process & Federalism as a Possible Idiom of Consensus Politics
 1985-06      - Council of Regents of the University of California
 1985-06-17  - Visit by Dr. FJ Slabbert, MP, Leader:Opposition & Mr. RAF Swart, Leader: Progressive Fed Party
 1985-06-04  - OFFICE AUTOMATION SEMINAR - Computer Society of South Africa (Closing Address)
 1985-06-05  - LONDON: Conference South Africa: The evolving challenge "BLACK DEMANDS"
 1985-06-07  - Business International Conference South Africa: The evolving challenge  "BLACK DEMANDS"
 1985-01-10  - Durban: Meeting with Senator Edward Kennedy
 1985-01-10  - Some Black South African Positions on the nature of the Struggle for Liberation in this Country
 1985-01-11  - Ulundi: A Meeting with Dr. Fritz Leutwiler
 1985-01-18  - Ulundi: Central Committee Meeting - Presidential Greetings
 1985-02-19  - California: Address to President and Faculty Members - Pitzer College
 1985-01-25  - Ulundi: Visit to Ulundi by - Messrs. R. Warner,Jr., Howard Clark, Charles A Dana,Jr and Emil Mosbacher
 1985-04-22  - Ulundi: Mr. H. E. J. Kallina, Vice Pres. - Evang. Lutheran Church - Germany, and, Rev. Charles Plaskett
 1985-04-22  - Ulundi: Press Release - re: Mr. Botha's Anouncement
 1985-04-19  - Umlazi: Address to the Board of Directors of the Kwazulu Finance and Investment Corporation Limited
 1985-04-19  - Umlazi: Staff of Kwazulu Finance and Investment Corporation
 1985-04-17  - Sports Boycott: Press Statement
 1985-04-24  - Fourth Annual Conservation Week
 1985-04-02  - Mr. Horst-Klaus Hofmann: Visit by The German Institute for Youth and Society
 1985-04-10  - Johannesburg: Elandsfontein - Mr. P. Balkany- Mayor of Levallois Perret, France
 1985-04      - Appropriation bill (Second Reading) The Dept. Chief Minister : General Policy of Dept.
 1985-02-21  - Texas: Trinity University - San Antonio
 1985-02-15  - U.S.A.: U.S. Council for International Business
 1985-02-14  - New York: Princeton University - President and Faculty Members
 1985-02-14  - New York: Mobil Oil Corporation
 1985-02-13  - Oration at the Official Opening of the KwaZulu Cultural Museum and before the
                     Unveiling of a Memorial to KING CETSHWAYO

 1985-02-16  - New York: New York Times
 1985-02-12  - New York: Wall Street Journal
 1985-02-08  - Washington: With Leaders of the AFL-CIO
 1985-02-05  - The National Foreign Council
 1985-02-04  - Pres.Ronald Reagan, - On the Policy of Constructive Engagement in South Africa
 1985-02-07  - WASHINGTON: Aid Department of the United States of America
 1985-02      - Address to the US Chamber of Commerce
 1985-02      - United States Congressmen and Senators
 1985-02      - National Breakfast Prayer -  "Will Christian faith in the end have to light the fuse of explosive
                    Black South African indignation and anger?"
 1985-02      - Occidental College, Los Angeles, United States of America
 1985-02      - Article for the Washington Post
 1985-02      - California Institute of Technology "Apartheid & the debate on the role of the USA in SA"
 1985-02      - Council on Foreign Relations - U. S. A.
 1985-02      - Briefings on the current South African situation
 1985-01/03 - Schedule of appointments in the USA and Canada

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