1983 Documents of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi

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 1983-11-29 - KWANDENGEZI: Official Opening of the Arts and Craft Shops (Zulu version) 
 1983-11-08 - ETHEKWINI: WEMA HOSTEL - Umkhuleko Olandela Izehlo zaseLamont nezeNyuvesi YakwaZulu ... 
 1983-10-26 - ULUNDI: First Session of the Fourth Legislative Assembly of the KwaZulu Government  
 1983-10-09 - ULUNDI: 7th Women's Brigade Annual Conference - (Zulu version) 
 1983-10-08 - ULUNDI: 7th Women's Brigade Conference - "Ukubaluleka kokuba nomoya omude .." (Zulu version)  
 1983-10-04 - UMHLANGA ROCKS: Beverly Hills - Newspaper Press Union of South Africa Annual Congress  
 1983-09-24 - UMLAZI DURBAN: King Shaka Day  
 1983-09-10 - MELMOTH, KWAMAGWAZA: Speech at the Dedication Service for Nurse Graduands  
 1983-09-04 - MAHLABATHINI - Community Hall: The Inauguration of Inkatha Women's Brigade Branch  
 1983-08-27 - ULUNDI: "The Revolutionary Rhetoric & the Realities of Revolutionary Patience in the Struggle for Liberation"  
 1983-07-26 - ULUNDI: "Development and Politics" - On the Occasion of A Visit by SA MPs & KwaZulu Development Corp.  
 1983-07-22 - DURBAN: "The New South African Constitution - A Black Viewpoint"  
 1983-07-02 - EMPANGENI - KwaDlangezwa: University of Zululand - Address by the Chancellor  
 1983-06-25 - ULUNDI: 9TH Annual General Conference - "Retaining Hope and Avoiding Despair and Being Rash"  
 1983-06-24 - DURBAN: Aide Memoir for Discussion with South African Editors  
 1983-06-24 - ULUNDI: Inkatha Yenkululeko Yesizwe - 9th National Council Session  
 1983-06-18 - GWALIWENI - INGWAVUMA: King Dingane ka Senzangakhona, the King of the Zulu Nation  
 1983-03-02 - ULUNDI: Vote of Thanks - After Performing the Official Opening of the Kwazulu Legislative Assembly  
 1983-02-24 - ESITHEBE: Speech at the Opening of MINTEX S.A. (PTY) LTD'S FACTORY 
 1983-02-20 - CURRIE'S FOUNTAIN, DURBAN: Usuku Lomkhuleko LoBambiswano LwaMnyama e-South Afrika  
 1983-02-00 - ULUNDI: Inkatha's Options and the South African Black Alliance 
 1983-01-17 - A Letter to the Hon. P.C.J. Koornhof MP - "GUIDELINES for a New Constitutional Dispensation"