1984 Documents of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi

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 1984-12-16  - ULUNDI: Article to be published in "RAPPORT"
 1984-12-12  - ULUNDI: An Article to be published in the "SUNDAY EXPRESS"
 1984-12-12  - Article for "NETWORK" MAGAZINE, U.S.P.G. LONDON
 1984-12-12  - Christmas Message for the Chamber of Mines Magazine
 1984-11-17  - KWAMASHU - Zamazulu Nkosi Centre: KwaMashu Christian Care Society for the Aged and Chronic Sick
 1984-11-12  - ULUNDI: Kwazulu Legislative Assembly - Speech by the Chief Minister, Kwazulu - Min of Economic Affairs
 1984-11-08  - ULUNDII: Dinner with the Hon. R. Cadman, Administrator of Natal
 1984-11-08  - ULUNDI: Natal/Kwazulu Futures Workshop
 1984-11-06  - ULUNDI: Luncheon with Senior Representatives from CASE S.A.(PTY} LTD.
 1984-11-06  - ULUNDI: Aide Memoire for Discussion with Dr.Walter Hasselkus,Managing Director BMW SA
 1984-11-05  - ULUNDI: Aide Memoire for Discussion with London Board of Directors of Howden Group
 1984-11-04  - ONGOYE: Nsingweni Training Centre - KING SHAKA'S DAY
 1984-11-04  - ULUNDI: (Statement) Stay-At-Home Protest Call
 1984-11-03  - UBOMBO DISTRICT - Visit as a Guest of the Chiefs and the People of the District
 1984-10-29  - Some thoughts on Inkatha's Political Role and Inkatha's Interests of what is Happening in Black Townships
 1984-10-29  - JOHANNESBURG: Aide Memoire for Discussion with Mr. Joseph Rice, Chairman of Irving Trust, USA
 1984-10-29  - JOHANNESBURG: Aide Memoire for Discussion with Mr. Sal Marzullo, Mobil Oil
 1984-10-29  - SANDTON - Sandton Sun Hotel: Young Presidents' Organization International Congress
 1984-10-26  - PRETORIA: Hon Dr G. Viljoen, Min. of Co-operation, Devt. And Education - an Aide Memoire for Discussion
 1984-10-23  - CAPE TOWN: International Conference - "Apartheid and the March of History"
 1984-10-20  - ULUNDI: Annual General Conference - Women's Brigade, Inkatha Yenkkululeko Yesizwe
 1984-10-19  - ULUNDI: Canadian Ambassador, Mr Edward G Lee, Q.C. - Aide Memoire for Discussion
 1984-10-18  - ULUNDI: Handing Over of the First ZULU New Testament on Tape by Action Four to HM The King
 1984-10-16  - ULUNDI: Discussion with Conservative MPs Messrs. TJ Smih MP, T Eggar MP, and A Nelson MP
 1984-10-14  - KWAMBONAMBI, Nseleni District - King Shaka Day
 1984-10-12  - Presidential Greetings - Inkatha Yenkululeko Yesizwe - Central Committee Meeting
 1984-10-12  - ULUNDI: Visit to ULUNDI by H E The American Ambassador, Mr Nickel and the Consul-Gen.Mr N Geisel
 1984-10-05  - BONN: Mr Horst Teltschik, Foreign Affairs Analyst of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
 1984-10-04  - BONN: Aide Memoire for Discussion With The Hon Dr Volkmar Kohler MP, Under-Secretary of State
 1984-10-03  - BONN: A Few Remarks on the Occasion of a Luncheon - hosted by Professor Kaiser
 1984-10-00  - BONN, GERMANY: Meeting with the Konrad Audenauer Stiftung
 1984-10-00  - ULUNDI: Giving Meaning to American Constructive Engagement in South Africa
 1984-10-00  - ULUNDI: The Current South African Situation - An Article for the Washington Post
 1984-10-00  - ULUNDI: Nobel Peace Prize to Bishop Tutu
 1984-09-28  - ULUNDI: Aide Memoir for Discussion with Professor Krelle, Dr. Kempf and Dr Sellke
 1984-09-26  - MELMOTH - Welcome To Bishop Manas Buthelezi at AGM of the ZULULAND COUNCIL OF CHURCHES
 1984-09-24  - STANGER: King Shaka's Grave - King Shaka's Day
 1984-09-23  - DURBAN, GLEBELANDS STADIUM - King Shaka Day
 1984-09-21  - Visit of The Mother General Nardini Convent Motherhouse Germany & Sisters from Nardini Convent Vryheid
 1984-09-20  - ULUNDI: Proposed US State Dept.University Bursary Scheme for Black South African Students in Jeopardy
 1984-09-16  - ULUNDI: SECUNDA: Inkatha Yenkululeko YeSizwe - Open Meeting
 1984-09-15  - JOHANNESBURG: Croesus Cemetery - Unveiling Tombstone of Dr. Pixley ka Isaka Seme
 1984-09-14  - ULUNDI: Aide Memoir for Discusson with Professors: D Oberndorfer, W Wilderman, Zollerand C Hacke
 1984-09-04  - ULUNDI: Aide Memoir for Discusson with Count Lambsdorff
 1984-09-01  - LAMONTVILLE: Prayer Meeting for Black Unity
 1984-08-23  - CAPE TOWN: University of Cape Town - "Pragmatism in South African Politics"
 1984-08-18  - ULUNDI: Youth Brigade - THEME - "Retaining our Humanity in the Struggle for Liberation
 1984-08-12  - THOKOZA TOWNSHIP: Thokoza Stadium - "Black Self-Reliance in the Struggle for Liberation"
 1984-08-09  - MELMOTH: Melmoth Townhall - Mayoral Dinner in Honor of the Chief Minister and Kwazulu Cabinet
 1984-08-06  - STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY: Black Politics in and outside the New Constitutional Dispensation
 1984-07-27  - ULUNDI: Old Assembly Hall - Central Committee Meeting - Presidential Greetings
 1984-07-08  - JOHANNESBURG: Jeppe Hostel - Presidential Visit to the Members of Inkatha
 1984-07-27  - ULUNDI: Press Statement, Mr. Pik Botha's Discussions - Gvt./Swazi Ingavuma border issue
 1984-06-29  - ULUNDI: Kwazulu Police - Medal Parade
 1984-06-29  - ULUNDI: On the Retirement of Brigadier J. M. Pontini - Kwazulu Commissioner of Police
 1984-06-28  - Memo from Horst-Klaus Hofman - German Institute for Youth and Society, Bensheim
 1984-06-28  - ULUNDI: Press Statement - Alan Cowell - "The New York Times"
 1984-06-26  - AMTIGULU: Address to the Amatigulu Youth Camp
 1984-06-23  - ULUNDI: Annual General Conference - "Retaining Our Humanity as We Face the Challenges..."
 1984-06-18  - CAPE TOWN: Press Statement on S A Govt's Intention to handover Kangwane & Ingwavuma to Swaziland
 1984-06-12  - ULUNDI: Vote of Thanks to Hon. Dr. CM PHATUDI, Chief Minister: LEBOWA
 1984-06-06  - ULUNDI: Aide Memoire - Discussion,with Mr. Patrick Laurence of the Rand Daily Mail
 1984-05-19  - EZAKHENI: 10th Anniversary of Ezakheni Township
 1984-05-13  - RICHARDS BAY ESIKHAWINI: National Sugar Refining and Allied and Industries' Employees' Union
 1984-04-30  - BLOEMFONTEIN: University of the ORANGE FREE STATE - "Road Ahead" Seminar
 1984-04-26  - DURBAN CITY HALL: Association of Round Tables in Southern Africa - Opening Address
 1984-04-15  - JOHANNESBURG, SOWETO - Jabulani Amphitheatre; Prayer Meeting
 1984-04-12  - ULUNDI: Holiday Inn - Sir Timothy Bevan - Chairman of the Board, BARCLAYS BANK'S Visit
 1984-03-27  - PRINCESS MAGOGO STADIUM: Inkatha Yenkululeko YeSizwe - National Cultural Liberation Movement
 1984-01-21  - ULUNDI: Report by Dr Oscar D Dlomo, Dr R B Madide, Mr Hugh Madonsela, Mr MacDonald September
 1984-01-19  - ULUNDI: Inkatha Sec Gen - a Report from the Volkskrant, Ms Janny Groen
 1984           - ULUNDI: Emergency Action to Meet the CYCLONE DEMOINA flood Disaster
 1984           - ULUNDI: Review by the Hon. Minister of Police - Budget Vote
 1984/1985   - ULUNDI: Policy Speech: Estimates of Expenditure - 1984 Appropriation Bill (Second reading)