IFP Nongoma Victory Proof That IEC/SADTU Cannot Run Fair Poll

01 May 2014.


The IFP said today that the verdict handed down by the Electoral Court yesterday, which handed a Nongoma ward back to the IFP, casts a very big cloud of doubt over the IEC's ability to run free and fair elections on May 7, if members of SADTU (South African Democratic Teachers Union) are employed as IEC officials.


The IFP has served legal papers on the IEC, requesting them not to use SADTU officials as electoral officers.


"We have been vindicated on our stance about SADTU. The Electoral Court upheld our complaint that we were robbed of a by-election victory in Nongoma because an IEC presiding officer, who is a SADTU teacher and staunch ANC loyalist, failed to ensure that the ballot papers were stamped and marked in respect of the special votes, in accordance with the prescribed procedure," said Albert Mncwango, an IFP MP from Nongoma.


Mncwango said the fact that the IEC did not resolve the matter on its own, but referred it to the Electoral Court, was also worrying.


"The matter was clear-cut. It was clearly an act of sabotage in a highly contested ward. Yet the matter was referred to the Electoral Court, which took more than six months to resolve the issue. Why could the IEC not resolve the matter itself? Or is it afraid of tackling SADTU? It is deplorable, to say the least," said Mncwango.


Mncwango said, with only a few days to go to the elections, the IFP would approach the courts if needs be, to stop SADTU members from being deployed as electoral officials.


"It is clear that if the IEC persists with employing SADTU officials at polling stations as observers, the upcoming May 7 poll will be neither free nor fair. We will do everything in our power to avoid such a travesty of justice," concluded Mncwango.


Contact: Mr Albert Mncwango MP, on 083 448 4896.