The Ruling Party Has Reneged on All its Promises Says IFPYB

01 November 2014.

IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP described the recent utterances of President Jacob Zuma and Human Settlements Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, as very unfortunate and negligent. 

President Zuma has recently said South Africans were "lazy" and Ms Sisulu said that people under the age of 40 will not receive RDP houses. 

Hlengwa, speaking today at an IFP community meeting in Dondotha in KwaMbonambi in northern KwaZulu-Natal said, "Hardly 6 months into their new term the ruling party is already reneging on their election promises. South Africans are all of a sudden lazy. This is very rich coming from a man who is lazy to come to Parliament to answer questions. This is rich coming from a man who had his house built corruptly to the tune of R246 million of taxpayers' money and refuses to pay. He refuses to pay; he is lazy to pay back our money. The money spent on the Nkandla homestead could have gone a long way in creating jobs and deliver much needed services to the poor." 

Hlengwa added, "In the same vein the Minister of Human Settlements wants to edge young people out of accessing houses. The reality is no government has infinite resources, and dependency is not sustainable but what is disingenuous is for the Minister to issue a blanket criterion which is at odds with reality. There are young people today who are orphans whose parents died in the ANC age of HIV/Aids denialism; these children need housing. The minister should rather root out corruption in the housing sector instead of applying kneejerk policies," said Hlengwa. 

Hlengwa described it is as an "insult and adding salt to injury for Mr Zuma to label South Africans as lazy when it is his government that has given our people a poor education which does not enable them to work because they lack skills.

Our education system has set up our people for failure. Even if South Africans were lazy, what has Mr Zuma done to inspire them and give them hope? He has done zero, he has been a dismal failure. Whilst South Africans struggle daily to make ends meet, the Zuma family has amassed wealth of unprecedented proportions at an unprecedented speed." 

Hlengwa emphasised that South Africans had to wake up and see the ruling party for what it is. "The ruling party is a perpetual liar with no sense of honesty.

Before elections they make all sorts of manner of promises and once elections are done they turn their backs on South Africans. Where is the better life promised in 1994? Where is the free education? Where are the 500 000 jobs promised in 2009?  Where are 2010 World Cup spin-offs. The list of promises is endless, and their fulfilment is zero." 

Hlengwa added, "As the 2016 Local Government Elections approach promises will be a daily order for the ruling party. And South Africans must now punish the ruling party for its lies through the ballot box. We must reject empty promises if we want this country to move forward." 

In conclusion Hlengwa said, "In the midst of all this the IFP remained committed to serving South Africans with honesty and integrity. The IFP's partnership with the people has always delivered on promises and commitments."


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Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson 076 521 3221