Death of Groenewald Family Members is Tragic

01 December 2014.  

The IFP was shocked to hear of the death of members of the Groenewald family at the hands of Taliban insurgents, who accused the family of secretly being missionaries. 

"We were distressed to hear of this violent and tragic attack on the family in their home in Kabul. Despite Mr Weiner Groenewald being involved with work that specifically helped educate poor and orphaned children in the country, the Taliban accused them of being missionaries converting Muslims to Christianity, when evidence was clearly to the contrary" said IFP MP Mr Albert Mncwango. 

The family were strict Christians, but not missionaries. 

"This attack also highlights religious intolerance that the Taliban have towards those of a different faith. Yet their actions should not be taken as a representation of the views of the Islamic faith towards others with a different religious understanding. Their actions should be condemned in the strongest terms" 

"The IFP would like to send its condolences to the rest of the Groenewald family and friends, more especially to Mrs Hannelie Groenewald, who not only lost her husband in the attack, but also her two children as well" said Mncwango.


Issued by:
Mr Albert Mncwango, MP, IFP Spokesperson on International Relations, 083 448 4896