University's Plan to Honour President 'A Politicised Move'

02 April 2014.


The IFP Spokesperson on Education, Mr Alfred Mpontshane, MP, has expressed his concern over the University of Zululand's plans to honour President Jacob Zuma, but not the founder of the university, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.


"The IFP President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, has served the University of Zululand for more than a decade as Chancellor. He played a major role in founding the University. From the building stage, he has seen the university through to its present successful state"


Prince Buthelezi also mobilized the Amakhosi to help fund this university.


"This was one of the greatest contributions he made to the people of Zululand - when all the odds were against them, and even when some people were even referring to it as a 'bush university'. But Prince Buthelezi invested all his energies and influence into seeing that the University of Zululand was established and expanded, and that it survived and prospered until today"


"Its success can be gauged by the number of graduates that emerge from it, the number of which increases every year" said Mpontshane


He also stated that the IFP was not against the university honouring President Zuma.


"What we are saying is what about paying tribute to the icon who founded the university and gave so much to it during his lifetime? This leaves us wondering if the university has a political motive in doing this"


"As the IFP, it seems to us that this 'honour' that is to be bestowed is being used in a political way. We believe that the university should not be politically selective. Institutions of learning are supposed to be neutral, and their actions should always be exemplary"



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