IFP Members Did Not Prevent NFP Leader From
Campaigning in Kwa-Mashu Hostel

02 July 2013    


The IFP would like to correct reports that IFP members prevented NFP leader, Mrs Zanele KaMagwaza-Msibi from campaigning in KwaMashu hostel for Ward 39 by-elections last Sunday, 23 June.


IFP Caucus Chairperson in eThekwini Municipality, Mr Mduduzi Nkosi said, "It is untrue that IFP members prevented KaMagwaza Msibi from addressing her people; the fact of the matter is that the police were not aware that she was going to be in the area. This is purely administrative oversight on the part of the NFP. To prevent violence MEC of Community Safety, Mr Willies Mchunu established a committee called "three a side", where three members of each party, the IFP, ANC and NFP meet to discuss and agree on which political party is going to be campaigning in a particular area and at a particular time. KaMagwaza-Msibi went to KwaMashu hostel without the knowledge of the police. However the brigadier of the station in KwaMashu had to accommodate kaMagwaza-Msibi because they were not part and parcel of the programme with regard to the meeting scheduled between IFP, NFP and ANC.


It is entirely not true that IFP members prevented NFP from addressing its members."


Nkosi added, "The fact of the matter is that IFP discovered that on 18 and 19 May there were 1221 people who registered for the by-election in Ward 39. We therefore complained to IEC that there is no way that in two days so many people could register. We asked IEC to do an investigation to check whether there were people that were bussed to Ward 39. We didn't want to say we know the people who bussed people, even though we were aware that other political parties or another political party bussed people from eMlazi and Lindelani.


Now the IEC is checking whether the people who registered in Ward 39 are people who actually reside there. There are findings right now that there are people who were transported from other areas because the IFP won by 3644 votes in KwaMashu, while the ANC had 946 votes and the NFP had 600 votes. It is therefore very strange to think that the IFP bussed people in when it won by such a huge margin. It is obvious that the issue of bussing people in is between the ANC and the NFP."


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