IFPYB Charges its Structures to Work Flat Out for 2016 Elections

02 November 2014.

The IFP Youth Brigade has called on all IFP activists and volunteers to hit the ground running campaigning for the 2016 Local Government Elections. This clarion call was made by IFPYB National Chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa, MP, in Greytown during the meeting of the IFPYB Mvoti Constituency Council.

Hlengwa said "The 2011 local government elections reversed the gains of development and good governance that the IFP had entrenched in municipalities it had controlled. Service delivery has come to a grinding halt, particularly in the 19 hung municipalities which found themselves with a coalition leadership rooted in greed, corruption and incompetence. The people of KwaZulu-Natal deserve better than this current arrangement and now it rests on the IFP Youth Brigade to lead the charge of change. Our activists need to be out there in communities telling the IFP story of hope, and our commitment to serve."

"The current coalition marriage has used deceit and treachery to blindside the voting public. There is a serious threat of South Africa becoming a one party state if we allow opposition parties to be systematically destroyed through propaganda, dirty tricks and cloak-and-dagger tactics through the formation of proxy parties which split the opposition vote in favour of the ruling party," said Hlengwa.

Hlengwa made a renewed clarion call saying, "We must renew today the grassroots movement we proposed in 2011 led by the youth of KwaZulu Natal to save democracy in KwaZulu Natal. In these 19 hung municipalities IFP members must lead the campaign to reject the ANC / NFP governments that were undemocratically forced on them in 2011; we are calling on communities to stand up and have their voices counted. Stand up and be the vanguards of democracy. Monitor service delivery in your area.

We need to monitor the ANC and NFP performance and hold them to account.

Watch out for nepotism and corruption, which is sure to follow wherever the ANC governs. Report any instances of abuse of power to your IFP representative or to your local authorities. To be a sound and effective opposition, be vigilant and responsible and ready to take over the reins of power in 2016 for the sake of democracy and development."

Hlengwa added, "What is evident from the 2011 and 2014 elections is that the emergence of the NFP has benefitted the ANC more than anybody else because the NFP split the IFP vote. Therefore, we are charging all IFPYB structures from branch level to prioritise collapsing the NFP on all fronts. We have warned repeatedly that the NFP is an ANC proxy designed to collapse the IFP.

Our members were duped into thinking that the NFP was a viable alternative whereas it's a monumental betrayal of democracy, as it is geared to ushering in an age of a one party dominance in KZN."

In conclusion Hlengwa said, "The IFP has a rich and proud legacy of good governance and quality service delivery to the people which must find expression in 2016. The IFP is the only party of hope in a stormy sea of failure, fraud, corruption and incompetence. We will continue to create a conducive political climate for NFP members to return; the IFP is their home."

For further information please contact:
Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP    076 521 3221