IFP Calls for A Life-time Ban for Drunk Drivers

03 January 2013     


Responding to a report on the current death toll on South Africa roads over the festive season by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) on Thursday, IFP Spokesperson for Safety and Security, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu, MP said:


"It is shocking to note that the festive season is not even officially over and already 1279 people have been killed on South Africa's roads. While the IFP welcomes the arrest of the more than 2100 drunk drivers we think that more can be done to ensure the prevention of this reckless behaviour." Ndlovu added.


"We therefore call for more consequent action from the relevant authorities. The IFP advocates that if any person, without exception, is found driving under the influence of alcohol their license should be immediately revoked without possibility of renewal or ever retaking their driving license again." he continued.


"The IFP also calls for an end to traffic officers hiding behind bushes in order to trap speeding motorists. There are already many roadside camera speeding traps, which have been permanently mounted alongside our roads and do not require personnel." continued Ndlovu.


"We believe that the public can be better served by traffic officers who are more visible and therefore prevent accidents rather than having to perform a task which is already being taken care of by the roadside camera speeding traps. Traffic officers could then concentrate more on more regular roadblocks with breathalysers and in that way, hopefully, prevent a problem before it occurs." he added.


"I would, however, like to thank all the relevant authorities and personnel, who have been policing our roads during the festive season. We appreciate your sacrifice because I am sure, like us, you would like to be home celebrating with all your loved ones. Your vigilant policing has resulted in the arrest of more than 2100 drunk drivers, which has led to the prevention of many more deaths on our roads. Thank you." he concluded.



Mr Velaphi Ndlovu, MP

IFP Spokesperson for Safety and Security

083 625 0803