IFP Urges Persistent Opposition to E-Tolling

03 December 2013    


The IFP has called upon organisations opposed to e-tolling to regroup and forge ahead despite government’s decision to implement the scheme today.


The IFP in a statement issued today following government’s decision to continue with implementing e-tolling, said it was appalled that a government claiming to be caring could go ahead in the face of clear opposition.


IFP Deputy National Spokesperson Joshua Mazibuko said: “Our NEC was really appalled by the demonstration of arrogance by government which went ahead to implement e-tolling despite clear opposition from wider society. This is a government which always portrays itself as caring and listening to the citizens. Its conduct however around e-tolling has shown its true colours.


“The IFP urges all forces involved in the campaign against e-tolling not to lose hope; rather to regroup and forge ahead with the campaign until government listens. We will also add our voice and effort to strengthen the anti-e-tolling campaign.



For Further Information:


M. Joshua Mazibuko

IFP Deputy National Spokesperson                                         

083 992 6135