IFP Statement After the Release of the Manase Report

Durban City Hall: 04 June 2013      


The ANC has once again shown its true colours to all who love clean governance. They have created high expectations by calling Councillors and the media here only to insult our intelligence and the intelligence of eThekwini voters and tax-payers by deliberately failing to release the Manase Report but instead released a Progress Report.


Lest we forget, the Manase Enquiry was paid for through the tax-payers' money and it was probing issues relating to tax-payers' money. Yet the ANC Municipal Council drunk with power has time-and-again demonstrated their lack of respect for the voters and tax-payers.


Today's antics prove once again that the ANC will stop at nothing to protect their cadres and top leaders who are implicated in acts of corruption. It is also a clear indication that this Province will never see a clean and transparent government as long as the ANC is in power.


The IFP, like all those who are committed to justice, clean and transparent governance, rejects the Progress Report released today. This is not the Manase Report which the tax-payers have been waiting for.


For the IFP, the struggle continues. The struggle for the release of the Manase Report must continue for it is clear that - without applying pressure - the ANC will not move. No amount of reasoning will move the ANC towards justice and obeying the will of the people. Like any party drunk with power, the only message they understand is the employment of nonviolent direct action to apply pressure on them. Hence the IFP is proceeding with our court process as planned. If this takes us to the highest court in the land, so be it! Our unwavering commitment to justice will not allow us to rest as long as the Manase Report is not released and those implicated subjected to justice.


Lastly, the ANC's obduracy must also serve as a clear message to the voters that it is time the ANC government must go! We hope the voters will sack them in 2014.


We will meet the ANC-led Council in court!



Cllr Mdu Nkosi

076 133 1382