November 4, 2005

The IFP Zululand District today, 4 November 2005, held an emergency meeting in Vryheid to consider the implications of MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu's high handed action in dissolving the Abaqulusi Municipal Council.

IFP Zululand District Chairperson, Mr Albert Mncwango said after the meeting, "We are dismayed at the high handed manner in which the Minister has treated the Abaqulusi Municipal Council. We believe his motivations for his actions are completely unfounded as it is not true that there is chaos in this Council. To the contrary this Council was running smoothly and amongst many activities it has passed its budget and it has a comprehensive Integrated Development Programme (IDP) which is the result of a comprehensive, inclusive and participatory process, which certainly could not be the activities of a chaotic municipality as the Minister wants us to believe."

Mr Mncwango also stated, "The Minister's actions will seriously disrupt existing programmes in the municipality, most notably the drought relief programme and other poverty relief programmes of the Abaqulusi Municipal Council. By his actions the voters who elected an IFP-led municipality will suffer due to the high handed actions and disregard for their electoral decision by the ANC appointed Minister Mabuyakhulu."

Mr Mncwango continued, "The actions of the Minister are surely adding to the already existing tension which was generated by the underhanded political activities of the ANC and its affiliates lately, such as in Umtshezi with the 'impromptu' march and at the University of Zululand where Sasco refused to accept the democratic will of students. We believe that this action is an abuse of constitutional powers to achieve political ends and that the Minister is pursuing his own party political agenda."

"The IFP Zululand District at its meeting today decided that it will not take these actions lying down. Besides using the courts of law to enforce democracy we will also ensure that the community has the facts on hand on how their electoral voice has been ignored," Mr Mncwango concluded.

For further information contact:
Mr Albert Mncwango, IFP Zululand District Chairperson
083 448 4896