Guptas' and Zuma's Mine Must Be Shut Down

04 November 2013    



The Gupta family continues to blatantly flout the laws of this country and the IFP believes that both national and the Mpumalanga provincial government are deliberately turning a blind eye whenever they are involved.


IFP Secretary General, Sibongile Nkomo MP said, “The recent reports that President Jacob Zuma’s son and the Gupta family have been mining illegally in Mpumalanga for the past three years is alarming. The Guptas seem to have used their connections in government in order to carry out illegal activities without being charged. Any other company or person would have been prosecuted, but nothing is done about the Guptas.”


“The Gupta family has turned this country into their own personal spaza shop, because they do not respect the laws and do whatever they like. The Mining and Water ministers are strangely silent on this issue, but are more than willing to threaten legal action against anyone else who even comes close to engaging in illegal activities. Their stance on the Gupta mine is extremely hypocritical and undermines any credibility they may have as leaders,” concluded Nkomo.


The IFP calls on the Ministers of Water and Environmental Affairs and Mining to act swiftly on this issue. The mine must be shut down and those in charge must be prosecuted for contravening the mining laws of our country. The Guptas as well as the President’s son must be held accountable.



Issued by:

IFP Secretary General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo MP, 076 553 1240


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IFP Parliamentary Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675