SADESMO Condemns Campus Violence and Demands Tighter Security

04 November 2014.

The South African Democratic Students Movement (SADESMO) expressed its concerns about the student violence that has claimed the life of a Tshwane University of Technology student and calls for stricter security measures on the campus. 

"As a students' movement we are worried about the violence within the campus and as the leadership of SADESMO we will go there to address our members and instil calm. In the meantime we appeal to our members to engage in discussion over differences instead of resorting to violence. Parents sent these young people there to study not to be killed. By virtue of their enrolment at a campus, these students are regarded as being intelligent and must therefore conduct themselves as such," said National Secretary General of SADESMO, Mr Sizwe Simelane. 

"The violence on the campus should be thoroughly investigated and those responsible for the killing of the student must be arrested and charged. We are also concerned about the security staff that are hired to monitor the safety of students within the campus precincts. We call on the campus management to ensure that adequate visible security is in place to protect students, staff and the public", continued Simelane. 

"As a students' movement we convey our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the student who was killed in TUT. This is a young life, full of promise that has been so unnecessarily cut short," concluded Mr Simelane. 


Issued by:
National Secretary General of SADESMO, Sizwe Simelane,073 022 1064   /   079 825 4497