IFP Angered At Government Apathy on Corruption

04 December 2014. 

The Inkatha Freedom Party is incensed and concerned, but not in the least surprised, at the latest SA corruption statistics world ranking announced yesterday by Transparency International.

"We have been telling this government for years now to draw a line in the sand regarding corruption. It has not happened and corruption in South Africa remains tacitly and apathetically accepted, and on the increase! We are on a slippery slope towards an endemicity of corruption in this country from which there will be no return," said IFP Secretary-General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo, MP.

"This government appears to be strangled by its own apathy and ineptitude.

"We hope that these latest figures from Transparency International's corruption perception index galvanise it into a sustained zero-tolerance approach towards corruption in our public services. We also support and endorse all calls for the harshest criminal sanction to be meted out to those found guilty of corrupt activities," concluded Nkomo, MP.

IFP Secretary-General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo, MP, on 076 553 1240

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