Gauteng Must Start Addressing Youth Challenges

05 June 2013       


As we celebrate Youth month the Inkatha Freedom Party in Gauteng (IFP-Gauteng) jointly with the IFP Youth Brigade (IFPYB) would like to call for the prioritisation of youth development in honour of the memory of the youth of 1976. The party also calls for effort to make the sacrifices of the past to spur into action and improve the lives of South Africans, particularly the youth who are confronted by countless challenges.  


The IFP in Gauteng today wonders whether the youth of 1976's selfless acts of courage, commitment and willingness to give up one's life were in vain. Looking at the challenges faced by the youth in our country, ranging from unemployment and the inability to access basic quality education, the obvious answer is a resounding yet saddening 'yes'.  


IFP Gauteng finds it more than disheartening that youth development and youth unemployment remains one of the most complex challenges facing our country, thirty seven years after the extraordinary commitment made by the South African youth in search of improved living conditions and educational conditions.  


According to the IFP Gauteng it is demeaning that our young people and future leaders are the most affected by socioeconomic factors such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, unplanned pregnancies, and lack of participation in political discourse and development processes.  


Statistics SA shows that unemployment in Gauteng is at its upsetting most. According to their first quarter labour force survey for 2013, unemployment in Gauteng is at 30.4% representing 1.8 million. 


"The IFP in Gauteng would therefore like to pose this serious question to this government: After 58 years of the adoption of freedom charter, what truth is there in referring to the youth as the "free generation" when the youth is not free to work because of lack of jobs, or not free to go anywhere because they cannot afford transport or more importantly not free to equip themselves with the lifelong of education because the education system is dismally failing," said IFP Caucus Leader in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) Bonginkosi Dhlamini.  


"Our views as the IFP is that the many shackles that kept the youth of 1976 in bondage still exist today and have the same hold over the so called "free generation," adds Dhlamini.  


"IFP Gauteng calls on government to drastically improve education and capacitate teachers, resource schools and make skills development a priority. This we believe will help us in ushering in a new generation of young men and women who are morally upright and educationally competent to deliver the second phase of liberation, that of economic freedom," concludes Dhlamini.



IFP Caucus Leader in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature
Bonginkosi Dhlamini; 071 622 7523 


IFP Media Liaison Officer,
Musa Ngobeni; 079 412 9757/011 489 6401