National Executive Position for NFP Leader
Exposes Longtime Bedfellows

05 June 2014.



The Inkatha Freedom Party is not in the least surprised by President Zuma's appointment of NFP leader Ms Magwaza-Msibi to the National Executive.


IFP Secretary General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo MP said, "This appointment is simply 'payment' by the ruling party to Ms Magwaza-Msibi for her treachery.


When she launched the NFP just before the 2011 Local Government Elections, IFP President Prince Buthelezi gave chapter and verse in Parliament on how she was being used by the ANC in an effort to destroy our Party. The evidence was all there. President Zuma himself didn't dispute it."


Immediately after the 2011 elections, Magwaza-Msibi took all the votes received by the NFP straight into a coalition with the ANC, in order to take control of 19 hung municipalities in KwaZulu Natal. She delivered IFP municipalities straight into the hands of the ANC.


"Again, the writing was on the wall," said Nkomo. "But her appointment now as a Deputy Minister in the National Executive of President Zuma can leave no doubt that Magwaza-Msibi has been used, in expectation of a promised reward. What further proof is needed?"


This appointment is, unfortunately, another case of politics coming before good governance. Magwaza-Msibi's stewardship of the Zululand District Municipality left a great deal to be desired. She left her position as Mayor under a cloud of suspicion regarding alleged misappropriation of funds. This is now under investigation by the Public Protector.


Said Nkomo, "This must be hard for those who voted for her in good faith. But now that the truth is out, we want them to know that there is always a home for people of goodwill who seek the best interests of our country. We hope they will come home to the IFP."


Issued by:

IFP Secretary General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo, MP.  Contact: 076 553 1240