No Boots on the Ground At Mamelodi West Police Station

5th September 2013    



The IFP calls on the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa, to urgently address the challenge of shortage of police officers in Mamelodi West Police Station, Pretoria.


IFP Spokesperson on Police, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu, MP, said, “Yesterday, I visited Mamelodi West police station after being invited by the community of Mamelodi, who are extremely concerned about the problem of drug dealers operating in their area. There were also allegations that some SAPS members were protecting the drug dealers. I subsequently went to the police station to find out exactly what the police officers are doing in fighting this scourge. I was informed by the highest ranking officer in attendance that although the police station is logistically well resourced, it is badly under-staffed.”


Ndlovu further stated,” This situation is totally unacceptable and I call on the Minister to immediately deploy more police officers to this SAPS office. The rate of crime is very high in Mamelodi. During the day residents are forced to lock their gates because they are afraid of being attacked and robbed. Drug dealers, it seems, rule the area with impunity.”


Ndlovu further stated, “Many police stations face similar situations to that of SAPS Mamelodi West. The Minister of Police must immediately investigate how many of our police stations are under-staffed. The issue of under-staffing in police stations is a major and serious challenge because it places the lives of our people in danger. How can we fight crime without sufficient numbers of police officers?”


The IFP further calls on the Minister of Police and National Police Commissioner, Ria Phiyega to urgently conduct an oversight visit to Mamelodi and hear first-hand from the residents on the issue of drug dealers who are alleged to be working together with some SAPS officers.


'It is important to note that the elderly people are also victims of this nyaope (Whoonga) drug which has affected their lives and the living conditions in their area. They have reported that they cannot leave their homes after nightfall as criminals see them as soft targets to attack. They reported to us that the ANC has promised them security and safety but up to now nothing has happened and they are afraid. They no longer want to vote as they see no reason to. They feel abandoned by government," said Ndlovu.


The IFP promised to work together with them in bringing positive change to their areas.


The IFP will be submitting a parliamentary question to the Minister of Police requesting the exact number of under-staffed police stations and the plans in place to address such shortages.



Issued by:

FP Spokesperson on Police, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu MP, 083 625 0803 


Or contact: 

IFP Parliamentary Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675