Congratulations to Matrics - But We Have A Long Way to Go

06 January 2014  


"The class of 2013 represents the culmination of 12 years of schooling, but the question that must be posed is what percentage of these pupils started 12 years ago and how many of their classmates had to drop out due to financial pressures, family breakdown, teenage pregnancies and failure to progress through the lower grades. Those who fell on the way are not accounted for in these numbers" said Mr AM Mpontshane, IFP spokesperson on Education.


The IFP is encouraged by the number of pupils who have passed their matric and congratulates them on obtaining their national certificate and hope that as many as possible can take their education further.


"The percentage given, however, does not clarify how many of the pupils who passed are from previously disadvantaged schools, especially those who lacked essential resources such as laboratories, libraries and even classrooms in some cases. These factors plague our education system continually must not be allowed to continue, because the future of our pupils is compromised"


"These results contradict the Annual National Assessment results as the lower grades are not doing well at all and the projected increase in matric pass rates year on year seems more of an attempt by the education department to inflate the true matric pass rate in order to avoid taking responsibility for the abysmal decision to lower the pass mark. If the pass rate truly reflects reality, then the number of those who can obtain university and FET college entrance must be high; but we will find that this is far from reality" said Mpontshane.


The IFP would also like to encourage those who did not pass their matric to not give up, as this is not the end of the world. They must pick themselves up and go for it again and use the lessons from last as a springboard to success.


Issued by:

Mr Alfred Mpontshane, IFP MP Spokesperson on Basic Education on 083 441 6201


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IFP Parliamentary Media Liaison Officer, Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675