IFPYB Statement on its 2014 Election Plan and Vision for SA's Youth

IFP Head Office: Monday, 06 May 2013    


The National Executive Committee of the IFP Youth Brigade met on Sunday, 05 May 2013 arising out of the meeting the NEC hereby issues this media statement:


In preparation  for the 2014 National General Elections, which is by and large a youth election, and with our sights firmly set on the recapturing of KwaZulu-Natal and getting 10%+ of the national vote over the next two months, we will be reviving, rebuilding and strengthening all our structures to ensure that they are ready for the election battle. We want to run a seamless campaign, that is fully responsive to the collective wishes, dreams and aspirations of South Africa's young people.


We therefore welcome the National Council Task Team dispatched to strengthen our efforts and ensure better co-ordination of our activities as a Party.


We have charged SADESMO to prioritise the "born-frees", who are an integral part of the next election. The many problems confronting institutions of higher learning need a student movement that will champion the cause of students with unwavering commitment. SADESMO is that students' movement.


Unemployment and joblessness remains a major challenge for a majority of young people. No effort should be spared in getting young people to work.


In 2011, we began extensive work on our Youth Economic Empowerment which seeks to place youth at the centre of economic growth and economic development through direct investment into youth skills, knowledge and expertise training and development. Youth Economic Empowerment strives to make youth active participants of economic growth and economic development.


The five key priority areas of YEE are:


a) Education and skills development


b) Sports, arts, culture and recreation development


c) Sustainable business and entrepreneurship growth and development


d) Social development and moral regeneration and


e) Agricultural productivity & rural development


Through the YEE document we are charting a clear and new direction of youth employment which rises above the petty ideological divides of "isms", and deal directly and specifically with youth centred development.


The YEE places a heavy emphasis on self-help and self-reliance.


The draft document is now complete and will be dispatched to all our structures for further input and consideration.


We are off the view that political freedom needs to be translated in opportunities and access of economic and social sustainable livelihoods for all. We therefore cannot stand by and watch those in power loot the country, whilst they sing the NDP 2030 economic emancipation lullaby to the poor. We no longer have the patience. We are no longer prepared to wait. If anything 2030 is today. We are no longer prepared to accept the "blame apartheid" rhetoric; 19 years is a long time.


The ongoing standoff between the Minister of Basic Education and SADTU poses the greatest threat to the collective plight of black learners who are bearing the brutal brunt of the go-slow by SADTU teachers. We condemn SADTU's go-slow in the strongest possible terms. When teachers "sneeze", it is learners that catch the cold.


The continued politicisation of unions has eroded important checks and balances, and because of its influence in the tripartite alliance, SADTU has become a law unto itself. We call on SADTU members to return to class and resume the process of learning and teaching with the necessary speed and urgency for the sake of our children.


The IFP Youth Brigade continues to call for the creation of a Youth Ministry with a fully fledged department in all 3 spheres of government to ensure that the collective plight of young people is accounted for in the decision making and policy formulation processes of our country.


Our participation in the NYDA does not in any way negate our position on this matter. Whilst we appreciate the good intentions of the newly-elected board we remain resolute and evermore convinced that the NYDA is far less than that which the youth of South Africa deserve. We participate in the NYDA because we believe that we cannot be bystanders when it comes to youth development. We will continue to hold the NYDA accountable. We are still awaiting the findings of the Public Protector on the matter of the R106 million taxpayer money spent on the infamous "kissing festival" held at great cost to the already struggling South Africa.


For further information, please contact:


Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP 

National Chairperson: IFP Youth Brigade 

083 871 2711