IFP Worried About Matric Future

06 November 2013  



Mkhuleko Hlengwa, IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson, has expressed worry about a report which came out today, stating that unqualified and wrongly appointed teachers were to mark the 2013 matric papers.


"A thorough investigation should be made by the Department of Education regarding this matter and everything must be done to redress the situation urgently," demanded Hlengwa.


"It is extremely worrying that such a thing can take place at all because marking matric papers is a very important step in a learner's future. If true, it is a very serious indictment on the department of Education in KZN and there must be consequences for those who committed this error," he added.


"This allegation can also have a very serious impact on the mind frame of learners - if they lose confidence in the education system because they are not confident of the quality of the markers to seriously evaluate their work.  And it also begs the question of whether this is the status quo. This is the big problem," Hlengwa said.


"We are waiting for the Department of Education to enlighten us URGENTLY and we call for an urgent investigation to set the minds of the learners and public at rest," he concluded. 



Mkhuleko Hlengwa, MP

IFP Youth Brigade Chairperson

083 871 2711