IFP Calls for Urgent Investigation Into Ballot Paper Shortages

07 May 2014.


The IFP has called on the IEC to institute an urgent independent investigation into reported shortages of ballot papers in many Voting Stations in KwaZulu-Natal, despite all the ballot papers that were printed having been exhausted. The IFP said this in a statement issued today from the KwaZulu-Natal Results Operation Centre at Moses Mabhida Stadium.


The IFP's move followed a meeting of the PLCs with the IEC Officials where Mr Mawethu Mosery, Provincial Electoral Officer, informed parties that although they printed 110% Ballot Papers in preparation for the election, they discovered that by 6pm today, they had exhausted the whole 110% of Ballot Papers, while only 43% of registered voters had cast their votes.


Mawethu further told the parties that there was an unusual increase in the use of the VEC4 Forms which are meant for people who, for some reason, find themselves having to vote in areas outside the Voting Districts where they are registered, to an extent that the IEC had to print about 350,000 more VEC4 Forms to cater for the demand. On top of this, some political parties had to print more VEC4 Forms because more voters were still waiting for these forms. Parties were also told that currently there are 23 Wards in eThekwini that are without Ballot Papers. Mawethu said he did not know how that has happened.


In reaction to this report, the IFP National Chairperson, the Hon. Mr Blessed Gwala MPL said, "What Mr Mawethu Mosery has told us is very strange and disturbing to say the least. It points to a very suspicious development which may impact negatively on the credibility of the whole election. We find it nearly impossible to accept this state of affairs; hence we call on the IEC to urgently institute an independent investigation which must establish how 110% Ballot Papers have been used, yet only 43% voters had cast their votes by 18h00, and that at 20h00 today 23 Wards are without Ballot Papers."


"Secondly the investigation must get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon of so many people who have resorted to using VEC4 Forms because they find themselves outside their Voting Districts. Irregularities like this once again vindicate our concerns about the IEC's continued employment of SADTU members to man Voting Stations when SADTU is known to be an ANC ally. Our attitude towards this election will depend on how the IEC responds to our demands."



Contact:               Mr Blessed Gwala MPL, IFP National Chairperson 078 290 5842