Public Works Minister Must Outline Financial Recovery Plan

8 March 2013       

The IFP wants to know from the Minister of Public Works, Mr Thulas Nxesi how he will recover the millions of Rands lost due to corruption in his Department. 

IFP Spokesperson on Public Works, Mr Petros Sithole MP said, "The Minister must give us clarity on how his department will recover the money lost during the renovation of eleven ministerial houses and how the companies involved, and the officials who colluded with them, will be brought to book." 

"Public funds have been wasted through illegal price inflation, which far exceeded the budgeted amounts. Those involved must not only be named and shamed, but also be banned from dealing with the department or any other government entity in the future," said Sithole. 

The IFP calls on the Minister of Public Works to not only provide this plan, but also clarify what steps will be taken to reduce the level of corruption in the department.

Mr Petros Sithole, MP
IFP Spokesperson on Public Works on 082 743 1348
Mr Phendulani Biyase
IFP Media Liaison Officer on 073 024 5675