ANC Using Taxpayer-funded Projects for Electioneering

08 April 2014.


The leader of IFP Caucus in eThekwini, Mdu Nkosi, today expressed concern with the ANC's use of a municipal housing project for electioneering purposes.


ANC members wore party T-shirts at the launch of the Cornubia housing project in Ottawa, attended by President Jacob Zuma.


"Why is the ANC using a municipal project - which all parties on the Council contributed towards - as a campaign tool for the election?," asked Nkosi.


"The ANC members did not have the right to wear their party T-shirts during the opening of the housing programme in Cornubia because that was a municipal project, not an ANC," said Nkosi.


"It was just a ploy to hoodwink voters into thinking that the party is delivering on housing. But this project was not an ANC project, it was not funded by the ANC, and it was not enabled in any way by the ANC. It was a public-private partnership project, and taxpayer funds went into it.


Why should the taxpayers who do not support the ANC fund their dishonest electioneering?"


On the 19th of March the IFP was stopped from entering a council meeting in Kwa-Mashu due to the T-shirt issue


"As the IFP, we are really concerned at this abuse of public funds. If the IFP had done the same, it would have been treated as a big issue. It's very offensive that the ANC of eThekwini municipality is always using government programmes - and by implication public funds - to campaign"



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Leader of IFP Caucus eThekwini, Mdu Nkosi, 076 133 1382


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