National Women's Day 2014

Statement by
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP
President of the Inkatha Freedom Party

8th August 2014.


The celebration of National Women's Day is a significant event in the IFP. We remember not only the 50 000 women who so bravely marched on the Union Buildings to petition against pass laws, but the thousands upon thousands of women who have changed our country for the better through their acts of courage.


Some of these acts have been carried out at the centre of the public stage. But most are done where nobody notices, and no one applauds: in care centres, clinics, safe houses, churches and individual homes.


I am humbled to know that the IFP is full of women who are making a difference without expecting reward. They are doing it out of compassion, patriotism and faith. These are the women who brought our country through decades of suffering, and the ones who are now building - in a democratic space - a society that cares for the downtrodden, the despairing and the vulnerable.


It is so often women who rise up in moral outrage when a child is hurt, reminding our society that this is not normal, despite being common. It is women who protest outside our courts when rapists are tried, demanding justice. And it will likely be women who gather at the High Court in Cape Town on Monday to support those who are challenging Top TV's licence to broadcast hard-core pornography in our homes.


I admire these women, who stand up for dignity, and I am proud that the IFP is home to women like this.


On this National Women's Day, I want to pay tribute to three special women in my life. First and foremost my wife, Princess Irene, who has shared life's journey with me for 62 years. Then my two daughters, Princess Phumzile Nokuphiwa and Princess Sibuyiselwe Angela, both of whom make me proud of be a father.


I also think with love of my daughters who are no longer with us, Princess Mandisi Sibukakonke, Princess Mabhuku Snikwakonke and Princess Lethuxolo Bengitheni.


To these, and to all South Africa's women, I say "Thank you".



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