They can Steal it but not Earn it

September 8, 2005

The IFP's National Organiser, Mr Albert Mncwango, today announced that "the IFP had won the by-election in Ulundi (KZN266, Ward 52606022) in which NADECO's candidate, Mr Ntuntu Buthelezi was severely trounced. The IFP's candidate Mr Khoki Jacob Sibiya won the election by 95%."

Mr Mncwango said:

"This is a very important result because it is a litmus test of NADECO's political future in KZN. It becomes apparent that while NADECO may be able to steal positions through floor-crossing NADECO is unable to earn voters respect and trust with their ballot."

"In fact, this result is a loud rejection of NADECO because it must be remembered that Ntuntu Buthelezi previously won this ward as an IFP candidate with a clear majority. This time round voters have rejected both Ntuntu and his NADECO."

"We congratulate Mr Sibiya as well as party structures in Ulundi on this resounding victory and we have every confidence that they will work to promote development in Ulundi."

Mr Albert Mncwango - 083 448 4896