Schools should be Safe, Drug- and Gun-Free Areas

Durban: February 9, 2005

“The IFP urges the Department of Safety and Security to put a mechanism in place where learners can report drug trafficking at schools,” said Mr VB Ndlovu MP, IFP spokesperson on Safety and Security.

“Drug lords are targeting our learners and destroying their lives. The Provincial police structures should set up a tangible plan that will deter drug lords to enter schools and sell drugs to learners."

“The plan to prevent drug lords from entering schools must be incorporated in sector policing and should be prioritised as priority number one, together with the intelligence gathering."

“The Department of Education in the Provinces must apply to the Safety and Security Department for the schools to be categorised as gun-free and drug-free zones."

"The IFP urge the School Governing Bodies to keep a close eye on the implementation of the mechanisms as to ensure that schools will become and remain safe, drug- and gun-free areas,” Mr Ndlovu concluded.

Mr VB Ndlovu MP
083 625 0803