IFP Welcomes Cabinet Reshuffle, Especially
New Communications Minister

09 July 2013    


The IFP has welcomed President Zuma's Cabinet reshuffle today, especially the announcement that a new Minister of Communications will take charge of the beleaguered Department.


"The IFP takes President Zuma's extensive reshuffle of his Executive today, as a frank admission that his Cabinet was not functioning to the best of its abilities. We are hopeful that this Cabinet reshuffle will strengthen some of the non-performing Departments, and improve Government's dismal service delivery record," said Koos van der Merwe MP, the IFP's Chief Whip.


Liezl van der Merwe MP, IFP spokesperson on Communications, said that under Pule's reign, the Department of Communication had faced one crisis after another.


"The Department of Communications (DoC) is now under scrutiny by Parliament, and others. Serious damage has been done by the persistent allegations of corruption, nepotism, and cadre deployment. We are hopefully that new Minister Yunis Carriem will bring bold and stable leadership, which is urgently required to harness this Department's development potential and put it back on the right track. Bold leadership - that will focus on priorities, policy and strategy. Without this, the DoC will drift ever further from its potential of bringing real and meaningful change in the lives of ordinary South Africans," said van der Merwe.


The IFP wished President Zuma's new Cabinet well.


"The IFP wishes all new Ministers and Deputy Ministers all the best as they assume their duties today. We pledge our support and we hope that they will perform their tasks conscientiously, with passion and commitment to improving the lives of ordinary South Africans," concluded Liezl van der Merwe MP.



Ms Liezl van der Merwe MP

IFP Spokesperson on Communications

On behalf of the IFP Chief Whip


Koos van der Merwe MP, Chief Whip, on 082 444 4944.