Unwarranted ANC attack on white judges

Durban: January 10, 2005

It is significant that President Mbekhi is not part of the vicious attack on white judges by the ANC. He wisely avoided being drawn into this unwarranted attack by omitting to do so in his speech in Umtata.

The President therefore clearly does not agree with radical elements in the ANC who are targeting white judges, accusing them of, inter alia - ".not see (ing) themselves as becoming part of the masses, accountable to them, and inspired by their hopes, dreams and value systems."

The malicious attack cannot be seen in isolation, because it clearly forms part of a campaign of "white judge bashing", which has inter alia led to the Judicial Services Commission denying appointments of whites, because they are not black.

The allegation that white judges do not see themselves as part of the after 2004 value system, is not based on any scientific research, but rather founded on malicious generalisations.

White judges have sworn loyalty to the Constitution and are upholding the Constitution in the best judicial tradition. The are executing an excellent judicial task and should be praised rather than be ostracised.

President Mbeki is lauded for his stance. It is hoped that he would discipline the radical elements in the ANC to respect the Bench and to keep it above party politics.

J H van der Merwe MP
IFP Spokesperson on Justice - 082 444-4944