Consultants' Bonanza Decried

10 April 2013    


The IFP is appalled that municipalities in the North West are so reliant on consultants that it has cost them R29m merely to be able to submit statements for auditing by the AG in the past financial year.


"This may well result in an improved audit outcome for 2011/12, but it is a disgrace, after more than a decade of implementing the new local government system, that North West municipalities are unable to do the work themselves," said IFP local government spokesperson Peter Smith.


"It appears as if the provincial government has been fast asleep until recently and has been unaware of its constitutional obligation to monitor and support its municipalities", he said. Smith also claimed that it was inappropriate for the same task to be paid for twice - by municipal staff and by consultants - and that those instances in which responsible municipal staff failed to do the task which had to be outsourced to outsiders, "monies should be clawed back from the staff to cover the costs of their failing to do their job." "In fact", he said, "in instances where the requisite staff exist, consultant fees should be viewed as wasteful expenditure."


Issued by

Mr Peter Smith MP, 083 299 9687

IFP Spokesperson on Local Government and Traditional Affairs


Mr Phendulani Biyase, 0730245675

IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer