NFP Must Be Barred From Elections After IFP Member's Death

10 April 2014.


The IFP expressed its shock and sadness at the murder of a young IFP activist from Ulundi, allegedly by members of the NFP.


Wearing his IFP T-shirt, Mr Sbekezelo Mkhize (21) was walking from the Ulundi CBD to his home when he was attacked. He was rushed to the Nkonjeni hospital but was transferred to the Ngwelezane hospital, where he passed away as a result of the multiple stab wounds he had sustained in the attack.


"Witnesses said that they were passing a group of men who were busy drinking alcohol under a tree. After a few exchanges with the IFP members regarding the perceived lack of a greeting, these men are said to have hit the young man with a car, as he could not run away fast enough. They then proceeded to assault him and stabbed him to death," said Cllr Manana, Mayor of Ulundi


The police confirm that they have arrested seven suspects. Three have since been released but four remain in custody.


"The family of some of the suspects is said to have visited the Mkhize family, claiming to be IFP members. But community members have alleged that the mother of one of the suspects is a well-known activist of the NFP," said Manana.


Manana concluded, "We ask the police to launch an investigation to establish whether his death was politically motivated. If this is found to be the case, the IFP will urgently request the IEC to also investigate this matter, and to bar the NFP from the upcoming elections for the gross violation of all the rules and regulations that guide the elections," said Manana.


The IFP President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP, and the IFP leadership visited the Mkhize family today to extend condolences to the family.




Councillor N.J. Manana, the Mayor of Ulundi, on 082 5586493