Tampering with Election Posters is a Criminal Act

10 April 2014.


The ANC’s stunt of covering up the DA election posters and also tampering with IFP ones in Ladysmith KZN, while using unauthorised metal clamps to hang their PVC posters, smacks of the party’s contempt of not only the municipal bylaws, but also other political parties.


“What is clear is that the ANC believes it can act with impunity and that no one can hold them accountable for anything. While we follow the rules and work within the law, the ANC does not care for the rules, neither would they ever take any responsibility” said Mr. Narend Singh, head of the IFP National Campaign Committee.


The ANC regional secretary in Ladysmith, Maphitha Sithole, has already sent an apology to the DA.


“And as much as we acknowledge the fact that an apology was rendered, it does not exempt those who removed the posters from facing criminal charges, as tampering with election posters is a criminal act”


“What is interesting is that no apology was sent to the IFP from the ANC concerning their tampering with our posters as well. Had the IFP been implicated in such an incident, the ANC would be the first to call for charges, heads to roll and they would run to every hilltop proclaiming how the IFP breaks the law – the double standards of justice are incredulous” said Singh




Mr. Narend Singh, IFP National Campaign Committee head, on 083 788 5954


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Mr Phendulani Biyase, IFP Media Officer, 073 024 5675