IFP Condemns Anti-Indian Statements

10 June 2013    


The IFP has vehemently condemned anti-Indian statements attributed to an organisation known as Mayibuye i-Afrika, which appeared in the media last week. According to reports, Mayibuye i-Afrika stated that Indian South Africans were advantaged when it came to business and other opportunities in KwaZulu-Natal. He said also that generally, Provincial government’s empowerment programs benefitted Indians more than Africans. IFP Deputy National Spokesperson, Joshua Mazibuko, reacting to Mayibuye i-Afrika’s statement said:


“The IFP was shocked to learn that, almost twenty years since we defeated apartheid and began a journey towards rebuilding a new reconciled democratic society, there are still elements, such as the Mayibuye i-Afrika organisation, which harbour racist attitudes that are the antithesis of the democratic, multicultural society for which multitudes struggled.


“The IFP unequivocally condemns Mayibuye i-Afrika’s utterances, as well as all racist attitudes which bedevil race relations in our country. We have an unambiguous track-record of standing against all forms of discrimination and segregation. In particular, our President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, counts among his struggle compatriots many great leaders of Indian origin. In addition, he has had long-standing positive relations with Indian communities in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa.


“We call upon all people of goodwill in our country to reaffirm their rejection of all forms of racism and discrimination and to vigorously pursue the dream of a united, democratic society where all cultures have a place in the South African sun.


“Lastly, we want to assure all South Africans of Indian origin that the IFP stands as their bastion against all discriminatory practices and will continue to fight to flush such tendencies out of our society.”



For Further Information:

M Joshua Mazibuko, MPL

IFP Deputy National Spokesperson

083 992 6135