Condolences to Families of Nkambako Road Accident Victims

10th September 2014.


The Inkatha Freedom Party would like to extend its condolences to the families of the 10 people who were killed in an accident that took place in Nkambako village in Limpopo.


"It is always a tragedy when there has been loss of life on such a large scale. It does highlight the dangers that accompany driving at night and having people on the side of the road. The likelihood is that the driver did not even see them until it was too late and the speed at which he was travelling may have been high" said IFP MP Petros Sithole.


Hippos are known to roam around the area at night and drivers are warned to be careful on the roads.


"Further safety measures must be explored in order to ensure that drivers do not exceed the speed limit and that more roadside lighting is implemented. Communities must also be discouraged from being on the side of the road for their own safety"


"Safety measures must also be implemented to control the movement of hippos across the roads, otherwise there will continue to be accidents involving them and more possible deaths" said Sithole.


The IFP also commends the mayor for coming alongside the families through helping coordinate the funerals.



Issued by: Mr Petros Sithole, MP, 082 743 1348