Special Police Desk for Foreign Nationals Needed

11 March 2014.


The recent incident that took place in Cape Town involving police stripping and kicking a foreign national in the groin repeatedly is an example of police brutality at its worst.


“With security personnel holding his arms, the man was defenceless against the assault from the police. They humiliated him not only by undressing him, but by repeatedly kicking him in the groin. The police may have thought they would get away with it because the man was a foreign national and they would not be held accountable” said IFP Secretary-General, Ms. Sibongile Nkomo.


“Thanks to the video footage taken by the women in the nearby office building, there is a record of their actions. Even after they were intimidated by one of those officers involved, who even arrested one of them, they did not cower down.


Other citizens should be more willing to speak out against police brutality,” said Nkomo.


The IFP will seek to have a meeting with Police Minister, Mr Nathi Mthethwa, in order to encourage that he oversee the setup of a special desk for foreign nationals, so that they can report cases of police brutality and these can be investigated.


“Our people must not be made to fear the police – they are supposed to help protect us from criminals, not be the criminals themselves,” concluded Nkomo.


Issued by:

IFP Secretary General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo MP, 076 553 1240


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