MPL Assists Centenarian with SASSA Re-Registration

11 July 2013    


With the SASSA re-registration looming, many beneficiaries are caught in the grip of panic and fear that their social grants will be terminated.


To allay this fear and to facilitate the process of re-registration for the sick and frail, IFP MPL, Hon. Les Govender, who also serves as a member of the Social Development Portfolio Committeearranged home visits for beneficiaries. The beneficiaries that Hon. Govender focused more on were those who, due to their disabilities or ill-health, couldn’t register timeously.


One of the beneficiaries that was visited by Hon. Govender today (Thursday 11 July 2013) was 103 year old Mr Abdool Aziz from Summerfield Road in Bayview. Both Hon. Govender and SASSA officials visited the centenarian at his home and conducted the re-registration process at which an elated Mr Aziz received his new SASSA card.


“It is indeed heart-warming to see the relief on Mr Aziz’s face as he, like so many other beneficiaries, was anxious that the money they depend on will be stopped once the cut-off date for re-registration has expired,” said Hon. Govender.


Earlier this year, Hon. Govender, in collaboration with SASSA, hosted a workshop empowering beneficiaries and Senior Citizens’ Groups with the necessary information pertaining to the re-registration process.


On behalf of the IFP, Hon. Govender has also been assisting with problems related to the new SASSA card.


“Many beneficiaries reported that they had difficulty contacting the toll free number that was provided by SASSA to request home visits. This exacerbated their anxiety. We appreciate the cooperation of the SASSA officials who assisted with the home visits,” said Hon. Govender.


*The re-registration process will end on the 31st of July 2013 and beneficiaries who require home visits may contact Hon.  Govender on his cellphone to arrange such visits.*



Pictures of the visits are available on request


CONTACT:   HON. P GOVENDER MPL - 083 992 1866